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There are a number of things you can do to filter out the messages you don’t want and keep those you do.
Here we briefly mention a few of them and introduce you to my favourite - the one I use myself.

Mail filtering packages and services

Databases of known spammers, open relays and spammer-friendly ISPs are maintained by organisations such as Spews - this type of information is used to filter your email into “safe” boxes by Spamcop, for example, for an annual fee. Spampal and other utilities run on your own Windows machine and check incoming mail against a database.

Other packages, such as Active Spam Killer use a battery of different techniques such as pinging the sender to see if the reply address is genuine.
My own favorite, MailWasher Pro, can be downloaded for free HERE

Setting up filters in your email client:

Your existing email application, be it Outlook, Eudora or any other major program, is likely to have a means of sorting incoming mail into folders based on a set of rules that you can define. In this way you can get likely spam (those containing the word mortgage in the title for example) put into a “junk” folder. You are still downloading the mail but can review and delete just once a week perhaps (checking that the genuine mortgage offer from your own bank isn't there before you delete!!).

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