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The Problem

We all spend more and more of our time filtering out unwanted messages from our inboxes.
How many adverts for Viagra, larger body parts, porn sites or mortgages did you receive today?
The volume of this junk is growing exponentially as a whole industry has grown up that makes it simple to send thousands of emails with a single click, and provides lists of email addresses harvested from websites and newsgroups. Once your address has made it onto one of these lists you are guaranteed a regular stream of emails sent from servers all over the world.
Because of this prevailing problem many prominent broadband companies are taking steps to reduce spam. A good example includes implementing unique IP addresses which at times, can be pretty expensive. However, some practical precautions can be taken to prevent you from being at the receiving end of unwanted emails.
What can you do?

Firstly, try not to get your main email address visible to the internet. Do not put it on websites, do not use it when posting to a newsgroup or forum, do not use it when registering for “further information”. Use a disposable address for these purposes - one that can be shut down when the volume of spam gets too much.
Do not reply to or unsubcribe from unrequested junk - the sender may not know if it is a genuine address and your reply just confirms it for him.

If you have done all this and you are still getting swamped there are a number of things you can do to automatically filter your incoming mail and delete the junk for you! See the next page: The Solutions.

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