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No other product in network marketing history has had the mass market appeal of MailWasher(tm) and potential of the Firetrust FREE Affiliate Program... for the AVERAGE affiliate!

MailWasher Pro - The great value spam blocking software and cornerstone of the Firetrust Affiliate Program

A TRUE mass-appeal product.

Compensation plan gives you the chance to earn from your own efforts and from affiliates you introduce!

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Dear Friend,

In order to have a wildly successful product for network marketing or an online affiliate program, you need a product that is:

  • affordable...
  • renewable...
  • and one that appeals to the MASSES

Many other network marketing companies have tried to offer a mass appeal product, but have simply fallen short. They ALL have been of some theme... some product that required educating the prospect as to why they need the product (herbal supplements for example), was too expensive, or just flat out was geared to a niche market.

Even internet-only opportunities have not had true mass appeal... consider these products: web site hosting and design, autoresponders, and lead acquisition. So who is interested in these products? OTHER entrepreneurs and network marketers! That's all well and good... that really IS a huge market. But, what about Aunt Betty in Wichita who goes online just to lookup dessert recipes? She doesn't know an autoresponder from a Submit button... she doesn't need an autoresponder and she certainly isn't going to be interested in an opportunity that offers them as a product!

To be TRULY phenomenal, you need a product that any old customer is going to want, one that they NEED, and one that is easily affordable to the average consumer. THAT'S what you need to make a TRUE ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY WORK! Otherwise, you just have marketers selling to marketers and eventually the organization will devour itself from the inside out!

Okay, so now let me ask you this... What is the ONE thing that EVERYONE on the internet has in common? Something that every surfer, every person with an internet account, whether dial-up, broadband, T1 or whatever... young or old... male or female... whether they surf for profit, games, or just to look at pictures the grand kids sent... What is the ONE thing they ALL have, without exception? Yes, that's right! .... AN EMAIL ADDRESS!!! Give this kid a GOLD STAR!

And with SPAM ever on the rise... over 450% in the last 12 months, with NO end in sight (despite legislation... remember, spammers can easily move operations to other countries), you can bet that everyone, everywhere, gets (and HATES) spam!


Firetrust offers a FREE trial download of MailWasher Pro(tm), the cost effective spam blocking software. Over 5 million others have done just this already from THIS SITE.

Do you see how big this can get? The MailWasher affiliate program is structured so that YOU can profit not just from your OWN efforts (and the automatic efforts of your software!), but from those BELOW you too!


Momentum is already building into a massive tidal wave of EPIC proportions...

And this wave is headed right towards YOU!

You have a choice. Today. Right now. This very moment. However you decide can change the course of your life over the next decade.

Looking up at this gigantic wave... Do you panic and try to get the hell out of the way.... or do you plunge headfirst into it and ride this mother to the TOP?!?

By now it's a cliche... if you could roll back the clock to when MicroSoft was first founded by Bill Gates... how many shares of stock would you buy? Think about that. And back then, fewer people had computers than have email addresses today. A LOT fewer.

THIS opportunity is truly an internet marketers fantasy... EVERY prospect you ever come across, every consumer, whether they are interested in making money or not, needs and wants this product!

So surf on over to the main site and GET ON BOARD NOW! The longer you wait, the MORE PEOPLE will get positioned ahead of you! Lock in YOUR prime spot right now!